Einblicke. Das Magazin, Ed. 1

Hot off the press - our new magazine Einblicke will give you interesting “insights” into our work and behind the scenes. What moves us, with whom do we have to do, who supports us, which places play a role for us? To do this, we visited our frame builder in his Munich workshop, looked over the shoulder of our paper restorer at work, talked to the organizers of the Munich HIGHLIGHTS and took a trip into the past with a feature on the subject of provenance research. And we will show you which new works we have on offer and what is still coming up this year.

In addition to the joy of art, in our multi-layered work there is also the joy of beautiful things and special places. Here you can read in which libraries, gardens, restaurants, hotels and museums we like to be! We will also reveal very personal anecdotes and encounters with artists and works. Our magazine should inspire you - with the enthusiasm that drives us every day.