Still Life with a pot and cup

Alexej von Jawlensky

Still Life with a pot and cup

C. 1903
Oil on canvas
14 3/8 x 11 1/8 inches (36,5 x 28 cm)

Our early still life is a wonderful example of the artist's expressionist pre-war works, who initially developed from realistic, naturalistic forms to a reduced, clear and abstract visual language.
The outstanding colouristic quality, the bold progressiveness in terms of composition and coloring is shown to advantage in our luminous painting. Jawlensky himself comments on this type of still life in retrospect in his memoirs:
“My friends, the apples, which I love because of their lovely red, yellow, purple and green dresses, are no longer apples to me on this or that background, in this or that environment. Their tones and their radiant colors on the background of other, more sober tones merge into a harmony pervaded by dissonances. And they sound to my eyes like music that reproduces this or that mood of my soul [...] Apples, trees, human faces are only clues for me to see something else in them: the life of color, captured by something passionate , a lover. "

Based on this impressive still life, we see that Jawlensky was not concerned with formal problems from the start, but with making inner values ​​visible – the colors are an expression of an immaterial and spiritual truth.

Über Alexej von Jawlensky

Born: 1864 in Torschok
Died: 1941 in Wiesbaden