Southern City 2 (verso: Watercolor of a desert landscape, 1967)

Eduard Bargheer

Southern City 2 (verso: Watercolor of a desert landscape, 1967)

Watercolour on laid paper
12 5/8 x 16 5/8 inches (32 x 42,3 cm)

In 1939, the painter Bargheer, who was born in Finkenwerder, settled on the Italian island of Ischia and rented a studio in a monastery building in Forio d'Ischia on Via Roma.
In our beautiful sheet, the "Southern city", glowing in the evening light, appears enchanted. The warm light of the setting sun covers the domed roofs, houses and vegetation. In this composition you can feel Bargheer's delight in the cubic ornamentation and structure of colored surfaces. The different structures of the buildings, the background and the urban landscape are harmoniously coordinated. The contours and color fields are interrupted here and there by white paper bars that have been deliberately left out, so that overall an organic unity of our strongly colored overall motif is created.

Über Eduard Bargheer

Born: 1901 in Hamburg
Died: 1979 in Hamburg