Buhnen am Jershöfter Strand

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Buhnen am Jershöfter Strand

Watercolour over pen and ink on thinnish card (postcard)
4 1/8 x 6 1/8 inches (10,3 x 15,4 cm)

Greeting note on the reverse:
"Herzlichste Grüsse von unserm Ostseestrand. Wie geht es Ihnen auf Ihrer Reise? Hier ist es wieder sehr schön. Ihre Emy Schmidt-Rottluff. Wer war der junge österreichische Maler, den Sie mir in Berlin zuschickten? Schönste Grüsse Ihr S.R."

"Best regards from our Baltic beach. How are you on your journey? Here it is again very beautiful. Yours Emy Schmidt-Rottluff. Who was the young Austrian painter you sent me in Berlin? Best regards, your S.R.", the artist wrote to his friends Viktor and Hedda Peters from Leipzig in 1921. From 1920 Emy and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff spent their summer months in the small fishing village of Jershöft in Hinterpommern on the Baltic Sea. The "Brücke" artist is fascinated by the special features of the place and its surroundings. On our postcard he records the construction of groynes, which are supposed to break the power of the waves to limit the coastal erosion.

Über Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Born: 1884 in Rottluff b. Chemnitz
Died: 1976 in Berlin